Netcentric Campaigns

networks for social change

A free brief email course sharing the top five lessons from 20+ years of network building for social change.

Five emails introduce our big lessons.

The lessons learned from Pittsburgh to Ghana, from conservation efforts or those focused on public health. The lessons hold true from small networks to the campaigns that engaged hundreds of thousands of people. We cover topics such as:

  • When and Why Build a Network.
  • Measure and Evaluate a Network.
  • Build Network Management Skills.
  • Setting the Culture of a Network.
  • Invitations to the Network Party.


A nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the advocacy of nonprofits and foundations by mobilizing networks of people to move change forward.

I'm excited to learn more about your work and share the lessons we learned.

Designed for organizers and campaigners. The materials are short, punchy, and hopefully fun. I look forward to your feedback and to see how we help you advance your network oganizing efforts.

Marty Kearns

Executive Director, Netcentric Campaigns

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